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Top Speed Rent A Car L.L.C. is a very reputable car hire company in Dubai, U.A.E. The company is known for the quality of service it offers. The management and staff are dedicated to deliver professional and personalized service to the clients at affordable prices with safety and security in mind as priorities.

Our Company positioned itself as provider of transport solution to individual and corporate firms. We know exactly the needs of our customers; therefore, we offer brand new and top quality, reliable and well maintained cars.

We have a good range of vehicles from small to medium sized and sports car to luxury cars available at reasonable prices. Our rental prices range from daily, weekly, and monthly. We give excellent car hire rates and special discounted rates. Our services include delivery, collection, airport pick up and drop-offs apart from self drive.

Our Company is aware of the growing demand for individual tourist visiting the country and corporate executive services that need delivery of uncompromised top quality services provision to suite modern business environment in the tourism, car hire and transport services industry. The company therefore will continue to use well maintained vehicles, best models, and a strict schedule of service and maintenance to ensure it continues to provide the best vehicles which suits specific client’s needs and demands

With a single call, you can ask for any of our services. We have a highly committed staff that will be more than happy to attend you. We promise quality service to be remembered. Our staffs are highly motivated and eager to achieve. We look forward in serving you.

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