Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check rates without making reservations:

Yes, you may request a TOPSPEED quotation and check vehicle availability anytime. Just drop by in our office from 10AM – 9PM or call us at (04) 255 7000.

How long do I have to be driving in order to be hire a car?

Clients are required to be in possession of a valid driving license for a period of at least one year. Drivers minimum age limit is 21 years and maximum age limit is 65 years

What documents are required to hire a car from Top Speed?

Copy of Passport with visa page.
Copy of your valid UAE driving license / valid International License.
Credit Card.

What are the traffic rules to be followed while driving?

Most roads in U.A.E. monitored and controlled by radar and it is safe to keep to the speed limits which are clearly sign posted. Seatbelts are required and mobile phones are prohibited while driving (unless you have a hands-free devices/earphones).

Who can rent from Top Speed and what is the minimum period of rental?

Hirers should be atleast 21 years of age and should hold a valid UAE driving license (atleast for 12 months). Minimum period of rental: Two days.

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